Forbes Public School

Maintaining a Tradition of Excellence

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Bell times and assemblies

The hooter is used to indicate starting and finishing times:

  • Commencement of school day: 8.40am
  • Entry to class: 9.00am
  • Recess: 11.10am
  • Enry to class: 11.30am
  • Lunch: 1.15pm
  • Entry to class after lunch: 2.00pm
  • Home warning bell: 2.55pm
  • End of school day: 3.00pm

No child should be at school before 8.30am as teachers are not on duty prior to this time. Once children are at school they must not leave the school grounds without permission. If you wish your child to go home for lunch a note requesting this is required. Children are dismissed at 3.00pm. Pupils travelling by bus are supervised until 3.25pm when the last bus departs.

Crunch n Sip

Students have a short, set break during morning classes to snack on fruit and vegetables, which aids concentration and prevents hunger


Assemblies are held fortnightly on Friday afternoon commencing at approximately 2.10pm. Each class takes it in turn to host these assemblies. These classes will also present an item. Assembly days will be advertised in the newsletter and parents are welcome to attend.