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Kindergarten transition program

At Forbes Public School we build on the early learning experiences of our little people. We support them by providing teaching and learning instruction that facilitates evidence based teaching methods. We engage our students in their learning through exploration, questioning, investigating, analysing and most importantly interacting with peers.

Our learners engage with information and communication technologies as a powerful learning tool. The children at Forbes Public School are interested in, and quickly become adept at, applying 21st Century Learning. These skills are used to enhance learning experiences, provide development, practice and to expand enquiry processes.

The early years at school are a time of rapid physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth. As our learners progress through our Kindergarten to Year 2 classrooms they gain independence as academic and social learners and they benefit from a broad range of learning strategies that are devised and implemented to meet their individual needs.

The children at Forbes Public School are very aware of their world and the part they play within it. They understand and apply our Positive Behaviour for Learning principles, they see their parents and extended family as part of our whole school family and they come to value the sense of belonging that is Forbes Public School.

Timeline for enrolments

  1. Open Kindergarten classrooms: 6th May 2019 at 9.30am
  2. Prep 4 Big school commences Term 3 Week 6 Monday, 26th August 2019. Note: The Forbes Public School bus is provided to return children to their Early Childhood Centre.
  3. Kindergarten orientation day: Tuesday, 22nd October 2019
  4. Kinder start commences Term 4 Week 3 Tuesday, 29th October 2019. Note The Forbes Public School bus is provided to return children to their Early Childhood Centres.
  5. Best start assessments: 29th, 30th, and 31st Januray 2020

Kindergarten 2019 transition program

Forbes Public School boasts an excellent Pre-School to Kindergarten transition program. Our transition program, combined with our close working relationship with the local Early Childhood Centres, ensures your little person is a confident, happy member of Forbes Public School, right from day one.

When our children start school with confidence, they are settled, ready to learn and achieve great results.

We celebrate your child's eagerness to learn. We provide a secure, positive and stimulating learning environment for your child to grow in his/her learning adventure.

Prep 4 big school

Prep 4 Big School offers parents and children a snapshot of life at Forbes Public School.

Prep 4 Big School operates Monday and Tuesday, with children placed in learning groups of no more than 20 children. This program will run for 5 weeks.

The children are involved in pre-learning activities such as Brain Gym, Literacy, Numeracy, Music, Computers and Developmental Play.

At the conclusion of each session the parents are provided with information which outlines the value of each activity and how they, the parents, can enhance these experiences at home in preparation for our more formal program called Kinder Start.

Kinder start

Children are invited to attend school on Tuesday to commence Kinder Start. This program will run for 5 weeks.

The activities of Kinder Start are more formal and more ‘school-like’ than the Prep 4 Big School activities, but all are connected and build onto the learning continuum already begun.

Kinder Start commences with a Parent Information Day. This information session, is to provide a ‘one stop information shop’ for parents and carers.

We focus on sharing curriculum information and we introduce you to our staff and their specialist roles within our school environment. While the parents are engaged and learning, the children are enjoying our many facilities and playing with other students while being supervised by our staff.