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For parents

Our students participate in a variety of learning experiences and activities throughout the year. Information and permission notes about excursions, programs and events can be accessed from this page.

Book club

At regular intervals during the year, students have the opportunity to purchase books from a recognised book club. Book Club orders are collected by the classroom teacher. If parents wish their children to order a book, place the order form with the correct money in an envelope, clearly marked with your child's name and class on it, to be given to the teacher.

Helping at home

Parents, teachers and students form a unique partnership in the child's development. At home, parents can help by:

  • showing a love of books
  • encouraging worthwhile endeavours
  • reading to the child
  • ensuring some daily quality time with each child
  • involving the child in appropriate decision-making
  • being responsible parents
  • providing parameters within which the child may operate
  • encouraging the child to take responsibility for his or her learning and behaviour
  • discussing news events

Helping at school

This school actively encourages the involvement of parents in the educational process. Parents who express a positive and encouraging attitude to school impart the same attitude to the child, thus making the educational process a more meaningful experience.

Parent involvement is also encouraged with assistance in many aspects of classroom activities, musical and dramatic presentations as well as through the P&C activities, canteen, excursions, sport and interest group activities.

Parents who work with children must complete the ‘Working With Children’ check and wear an appropriate ID tag. Please see the principal or classroom teacher for a copy of this form.

Parents and citizens meetings

Meetings of interested parents are held at 7.00pm on the first Wednesday in most months. They are advertised in the Forbes Public School newsletter.

Reporting to parents

Reporting is not just a single written report. It is a process of feedback about the learner over time. Parents are entitled to regular feedback about their children's work and teachers should provide this feedback both informally and formally through a variety of ways throughout the year. Teachers are reporting to parents every time a discussion or interview takes place about a child's work. The report form is a summary of the child's work and progress over a given period of time and emphasis should not be placed on this in isolation from other information.

A school policy on assessment and reporting is available at the office.

Reporting provide:

  • evidence of what the child has learnt
  • information about what curriculum has been covered
  • opportunities for communication between children, teachers and parents
  • a record of the child as a learner
  • a description of a range of achievements
  • advice about improving weakness