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Maintaining a Tradition of Excellence

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Learning support

At Forbes Public School our core purpose is;

  • To ensure the development of all our students through building a strong foundation in literacy, numeracy, technology, physical, social, emotional and creative areas.
  • To create independent, responsible, caring, confident and inquiring learners who will make positive contribution as independent members of our society.

Forbes Public School has been catering for the needs of students with moderate to high learning support needs since 1991. We recognise that;

  • Everyone has talent and interests that drives their learning.
  • We learn in different ways and have a range of abilities.

At Forbes Public School we work closely with our parents and carers in a dedicated partnership ensuring that our support students are provided with every opportunity to reach their full potential.

We have an integrated approach enabling the students to work collaboratively in the Learning Centre while still ensuring connections with mainstream class peers with all Learning Centre students participating in home classes for a significant component of the school day.

All our students with learning needs have Individual Learning Programs that are devised in consultation with our Assistant Principal Special Education, classroom teachers and parents/carers. To ensure the students are being individually catered for, their personal learning styles are considered and their learning needs addressed. Each semester these programs are reviewed and redeveloped together to ensure that the educational opportunities we offer meet the students developing needs.

Our Learning Centre currently participates in all school cultural and sporting events with a large emphasis on community.